moon dreams

moon dreams
photo by Jeni Ferguson

Friday, May 10, 2013

getting on my soapbox.

Recently A beautiful young teenage girl tried to commit suicide. She was being bullied in school. told she was fat, ugly, no one could love her, etc. She has an eating disorder and low self esteem because other people think she needs to look a certain way. I hate that kids are being raised with no respect for others, no compassion. The fact that these kids think it's ok to treat another human being this way and convince them they are worthless, really pisses me off. What the hell is wrong with their parents ! ? I am not a big promoter of violence, but some people need their brains rattled. This girl is intelligent, funny, and beautiful. It breaks my heart to see such potential beaten down by ignorance. And after all this, these bullies are still talking shit about her. I am so disgusted with the direction the human race seems to be taking..stop with all the me me me shit. stop treating people like expendable trinkets.As parents we need to teach compassion and kindness. and here's a thought if your kid is doing the bullying give them consequences to their actions. as a parent if you allow your child to treat people like shit you are just as responsible for the results . as a society we need to rethink beauty. stop telling our children through media that they are not good enough. stop telling them if they don't look a certain way that they don't matter. basically stop being dicks.

Monday, May 6, 2013

A Sunday well spent

Started new gardens . I miss my garden at the old house, but I am excited to redesign my back yard. Possibilities......endless

Sunday, May 5, 2013

I just can't comprehend people sometimes.

My ex husbands behavior is so foreign to me.  He tells folks I am keeping his daughter from him, yet he won't call me to schedule parenting time. When , by some miracle, I can get a hold of him he says he is too busy and has no money so he can't pick her up. He doesn't understand that she doesn't want money or to go places where you have to spend money. She just wants quality time hanging out with her dad. There are so many free things to do, take a walk/hike, play one on one basketball , watch movies at his home. The next morning we see photos of him and his girlfriends' boys hiking, hanging out, etc. He calls to ask her to when her games are , and then never shows up. What could be more important than being there for your child? He has no job so his excuse that he has no time is a load of bullshit. Then he has the nerve to call my Fiance and ask him if he can get sports autographs for his girlfriends kids and asks him to be a reference on his resume. Seriously, he got fired a year ago for shoplifting from a store he was working in, he doesn't help support his daughter, there are rumors he is hanging out with jailbait.....what kind of reference does he think he will get?
When it comes to bad decision making my Ex is clearly the king.What angers me the most is watching my daughter hurt due to his poor choices. There is nothing I can do to make this better. I am so glad that my Fiance is in her life. He is a strong , kind, compassionate role model for her, and he supports her emotionally and monetarily. I hope some day her biological father gets his shit together. I am not getting my hopes up. I have known him for 15 years and he hasn't made any effort to become a better human being. I absolutely hate it when my children are being hurt , especially when it would be so easy to make her smile. aaarrgggh!!