moon dreams

moon dreams
photo by Jeni Ferguson

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Today I dance with my gypsy cousins. I love Halloween :) it is my favorite holiday

sitting here in the pre-dawn half light , sipping tea in the quiet. contemplating . It's strange to feel so at home here, yet it still feels strange to be here. There is a part of me that is afraid I will wake up back in the nightmare. It is hard to believe that I am free of all that negativity. I recently made a trip back to the old house to get more stuff out and clean up. It was weird going back, it no longer feels homey. just a shell that all the life and laughter has left. I have one more day of moving/cleaning this weekend then it is full steam ahead to a bright future. The kids are very happy here, and I love having my own space. I am finally used to the noises and lights at night and am actually sleeping soundly. I have so far been successful at avoiding the town gossips , another perk to town living ...everybody knows your business. I keep my life low key naked midnight moonlight dancing..and I suppose that topless mowing is out this summer.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

well so far so good. we survived the night. not terribly bad here . some rain heavy at times and some windy gusts but I still have power. my heart in NYC is also well. He was subjected to howling winds and flooding rains. I wish he was here with me, but do to his job and all the damage in NYC I will probably not see him for many weekends.

Monday, October 29, 2012

sitting in the early morning quiet listening to the sounds of town life. it is so very different from my previous house no crickets or coy dogs here. instead i wake up to cars carrying folks to work, trucks passing through to make deliveries, the occasional dog barking. I am enjoying the social aspect of living in town, I have given up my hermitage in the woods. It is time for me to come out of the cocoon and spread my wings. I have unpacked several boxes of memories and all my books, this house is fast becoming home. you get out of life what you put into it, and right this moment everything is good.

Friday, October 26, 2012

It has been almost a month since I moved into the new house. It's still sort of strange and surreal. The first time I walked into this house I felt like I was home. In a weird way I feel like I have always lived here, yet I know that I have only been here for a short time. I have experienced many instances of deja vu since moving in here.  Life has been moving forward in a positive way . Since leaving the old house I feel a huge weight has been lifted. It is nice to live in a home where I don't have to lock the bedroom door. Freedom is a beautiful thing. We have had a few activities from our resident ghost, nothing scary though. I think she likes us here.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Finally settling in to our new home. The furniture was delivered saturday so we have an actual living room. unpacking memories to decorate the shelves and walls. It is finally starting to feel like a home.  I set up my sewing room at the front of the house, and since it is zoned commercial/residential I can run a sewing business from my house( this makes me very happy) . Life is settling in to this new groove and I am digging it. I was very excited to learn that our house is haunted. lots of cupboards opening and closing in the night , hearing random giggles / voices when I am the only one home. I will have to research this house and find out more about past inhabitants. I cant wait until next spring so I can start working in the gardens, so much potential.

Monday, October 15, 2012

sititng in the lobby of the Jambo Lodge listening to the sounds blend to form a background of musical noise. the excitement of guests arriving, the sadness of guests departing. the clank of folks dining in Boma, soft footfalls of people passing through the lobby. the waterfalls and african music . the sounds of life going on.


Lying in my hotel bed I gaze out over the african savannah. watching zebra and giraffe meander past the balcony .5 days spent at Disney's animal kingdom Jambo lodge. It has been an amazing vacation. hung out at mickey's not so scary halloween party, did the kilimanjaro safari,wine and food tasting at epcot( where I got engaged at the Ireland kiosk) ate dinners at several yummy hot spots (boma, jiko, narcoosee, and a polynesian luau) I am heading back to new york in few hours. back to the reality of painting and fixing up stuff in my new home. but I will always carry in my heart these last five magical days with my love. life is amazing.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

the Mara

food at Disney is I must say top notch stuff. Had a quick meal at the mara, a hummus filled falafel and a side of couscous that was absolutely amazing. and the dessert, the doma, was out of this world. we eat like kings here. I will probably gain ten pounds this weekend but it will be so worth it :)

enroute to disney

currently cruising at 34,400 feet . saw a beautiful sunrise out the plane window and the flight is 23 min ahead of schedule. great start to vacation week. sipping apple/cranberry juice and nibbling cookies.


so excited right now. leaving for the airport in 30 minutes. catching a plane to sunny florida. gonna live with the animals for the weekend. and trick or treat with mickey mouse!!!! life is very good .

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


t minus 2 hours and 45 min until I am headed south. NYc tonight ..tomorrow DISNEYWORLD!!!
going to spend a long weekend with my love in his favorite place on earth. taking a much needed break from unpacking and painting . my life is so full of good things. I am blessed a hundred fold. thank you universe !! :)

Monday, October 8, 2012


I spent the weekend moving more stuff. I really need to have a sale and tame the monster. putting up a closet system so i can put all my clothes away. painting and more painting, it's starting to come together.  I  really love my new home. I keep having this weird sense of deja vu like I have been in this house before but I haven't been. my love was up this weekend and worked hard to help me get settled in. best part of the weekend ...snuggling in his arms to sleep.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

crazy good stuff

Finally closed on the house. moved the bulk of my belongings last weekend. moving more this weekend. I love the new house, working on making it a home. lots of work , but it feels good to have my own space. I  am still a little nervous sleeping in town . I spent 14 years living in the woods, so it's weird to have street lights and noise. The girls love it. They get to spend more time with their friends. life is good. I am on a brighter path to the future , I think I need some shades :)